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A trip down memory lane

sunny 32 °C
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A trip down memory lane with a road trip to Kilcoy, meat pies at the BP, and a visit to Yowie park.


And my last dinner out with the family for a while.


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Exiting the comfort zone

Newcastle and Sydney

rain 21 °C
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Whilst I was packing the last of my things into my travel pack it felt like there were acrobats doing somersaults in my belly. I felt like I was totally unprepared to deliver a speech in front of a thousand people. I kept trying to override the voice in my head. I wasn’t nervous. I was excited.

- They are the same feeling after all, just with a different thought behind them.

Disappointed to have to get on a Qantas link putt-putt plane to Newcastle – you know the ones where you can stand in the aisle with your arms outstretched and practically touch the sides of the cabin. It kind of felt like I was just headed back to Mackay after a 3 week break. On arrival, it was just like Mackay too – two baggage carousels and a long wait to get your luggage. But when I was greeted at the airport by my cousin, Allyson, I knew that this time -was different.

A quick catch up with some of the extended family and an expresso Newcastle driving tour was awesome. It was great to see all of you! Thanks for making the effort to host/drive in to say hi.

Nanna ended up catching the same train back home that I was on so I had the privilege of listening to a few more stories of medical aliments. Haha love you Nan, you just have to learn to provide less detail. Especially about people that I do not know, or extended family members that I have never met. Haha. IMG_1351.jpg

When I hit Sydney it was pouring. I am so glad that I opted for a travel pack with a built in raincoat. At least my stuff was dry even though I flooded the reception of Bounce Hotel. This place is great. Nice and clean, and comfy mattresses.

First roomie I met was Dave – from England!- and the second girl was Barbara from Germany. The third guy we never met. He came in at midnight, and packed up and left at like 5am. Egh. The wonders of shared ROOM living.
The rain did not stop me from dumping my gear and then head off exploring. I just bought a $6 umbrella. Haha. I somehow found my way to Hyde Park. Now Sydney is really just trying to rip off London. There is even Piccadilly and Oxford street here. Nevertheless, the Park was beautiful, lots of water features (no pun intended!) and statues. It would be an awesome place to come with a picnic lunch and sit under a tree.

I also stumbled upon Sydney Tower and all the fancy designer stores. I silently laughed at all the prissy counter girls with their stylished slicked back hair and super red lipstick… whilst I looked at my Mackay Target clothes and frizzy rain soaked hair. I made a hasty exit.
I attempted to find a Coles/Woolies but in my travels I came across a cinema instead. Walked in and the movie I wanted to see started in 10mins. Great! So for the next 2 hours I blubbered my way through Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks aren’t in it much which is a bit disappointing, but it’s a good movie. That kid should definitely be diagnosed with ASD.

I never did find Coles or Woolies.

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Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

being a tourist.

semi-overcast 26 °C
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The rain gods played nice as I walked up the billions of stairs to be 134m above sea level with only a metal clip and rail preventing me from falling off the edge. In some parts, we crossed were there was only metal mesh beneath our feet, so when letting go of the rails and looking down as we walked across, it gave the illusion that we were walking on air.


Wicked. :-)
At one point a train also went overhead while we were directly beneath it.

The views were spectacular to the east over Darling Harbour, Circular Quay, Manly, Bondi and the Opera House. Views to the west weren’t as clear, but we could just make out the Blue Mountains in the distance.

I did A LOT of walking AND STEPS today – to the bridge, up the bridge, down the bridge, across the bridge, around circular quay, up Pylon Lookout (200 steps on its own), around Luna Park and back again.

The thing that scared me most of the day was I was walking across the Harbour Bridge and an out-of-sight P&O cruise let off its departure horn underneath me! It was great to see such a large vessel to emerge slowly beside me. Its amazing things that large can actually float.

I made some new friends from England and Scotland at dinner and we all went up stairs to the entertainment area, kicked the boy out who was watching the football and put on a movie. Hehe don’t mess with a group of girls with a stack of chick flicks.

Admirably, he did stay to watch them with us. :)

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Minus David Hasselhoff

rain 22 °C
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So the weather was absolutely shithouse, but I was determined to cross Bondi Beach off my bucket list, and being my last day in Sydney I decided to go anyway. I caught the train to Bondi Junction where I thought it was just a short walk to the actual beach.
I was wrong.

It was a cold, windy and rainy 45 min walk only to find about 2 people on the beach. Nothing like what they show on ‘Bondi Rescue.’
Although, recognizable from the TV was the Lifesaver tower and a glimpse of one of the guys in their blue lifesaver uniforms. I didn’t stay long and went to the Westfield shopping centre instead to dry off and warm up.

I was bored very quickly, and felt sick from my Max Brenner hot chocolate, which I was disappointed that I didn’t even get through half of it.

I caught the train to the airport early and had a chat to some guy called Denver – a journalist for the Sydney Paper. He was a little creepy but I gave him the benefit of the doubt and continued some conversation, although once he gave me his card, his home address and left me some chicken curry for dinner, I am glad that he left me alone.

Reality has sunk in as I have just checked in my bags with Etihad airways and made my way to the departure lounge.


I am really doing this! After talking about an overseas adventure for over a year (sorry everybody!) I am finally on my way!
I leave at 9:50pm to the capital of the United Arab Emirates. First leg of the trip. 14 hours.
Let the movie watching begin.

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Abu Dhabi Stop over

"Father of Deer"

25 °C
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It’s 6am (UAE time) and I am sitting in Abu Dhabi International airport. Ads for Arab Idol are on the TV and it makes me giggle. There are females walking around in hijabs as well as full Burqas and the men look like they have just dressed up as Arabs to go to a fancy dress party.
Being a major stop over point for a lot of international flights, the airport is full of many nationalities. It is fun watching them, and listening to their accents. It is amazing how much of our stories we get across with our body language. Even though I don’t know how to speak Swedish, I easily got the gist of one family’s conversation.

The flight was long and uncomfortable, and I am glad that I am off the plane for a few hours. I didn’t sleep much and the movie selection was not that spectacular. (ALL of) the Etihad air hostesses needed an injection of Happy because not one of them smiled the entire trip. Don’t they know it’s supposed to be service with a smile? I also had the reoccurring need to tell them to F off when hitting the catering trolleys on the back of every second chair EVERY meal time.

Anyway, a bonus (which I will do every flight from now on) was to preorder a special meal. I opted for the Asian Vegetarian meal. It was yum, and I got it before everyone else. Winner.

I sat next to an Italian Vegan hippy – so he got his meal at the same time as me too. He didn’t have very good English so there wasn’t much conversation happening.

I have done several laps of the airport already as I have tingly legs from sitting down so long. I also had trouble putting my boots back on – which only means one thing – plane Cankles. I even did the foot/leg exercises regularly. Egh and I still have another 8 hours to go.


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