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Everybody say ‘bye house!’

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11 Feb. A significant day for me, not only marked by my 27th birthday, but also the day of me packing the last of my things in my car and saying my final farewells. I was more excited for the road trip ahead then trying to process what it all meant by closing this chapter of my life for a while. - I had been saying good bye to everyone for a week already so it just seemed like any other day. But as the road stretched further and the cane became less of a roadside feature, I knew that I wasn’t in Mackay anymore, Toto.

The first leg of the trip went fast, stopping in Rocky for some lunch, a free Birthday Boost juice and a quick check of my phone. I was definitely feeling the love with 30+ text and facebook messages filled with birthday wishes and summons for safe travels.

A detour to Tannum Sands came next, where George posed for his first holiday shot on the beach..

...whilst I perved on the shirtless boy specimens.

We checked into the Miriam Vale Motel expecting it to be cheap, nasty and noisy. Much to our delight, despite being sandwiched between a railway line and the highway, it turned out to be a sleepy country town with friendly people and comfortable beds.

Miriam Vale is also home to the big crab.


We went past several ‘big things’ on our journey – from strawberries, to cane toads, pineapples and bulls. My next holiday is totally going to be a road trip around Australia to tick more off from this list

The following day was an early start (why can’t I ever get up this early on a work day?!). This part of the trip seemed longer even though my accelerator foot magically turned to lead over night. We got to Mooloolaba in time for lunch, more beach time and childhood flashbacks whilst licking rainbow coloured icecreams. George decided to try his hand at karaoke and to cheat death at the Wharf.


Approaching Brisbane seemed a bit surreal, a lot more cars and multi-laned highways to navigate that I forgot existed. Fortunately, we got back in one piece

It feels weird to be home without a return plane ticket.

Although this just means that more adventures await!

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Travel Pack

Be verry quiet....Im hunting wabbits!

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Guess who bought her travel pack today?!

Despite much research, I ended up not getting the pack I set out to get. Instead, I think I got a better one. Today I became a proud owner of a Caribee Akula :)

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Driving south for the... summer!

Brisbane to the Coffs Coast.

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15-20 Feb 12


(yes, another one.. you’d think I would be sick of the car by now!)

So I had 2 days at home before hopping back in the car again to head further south.

First stop was the Gold Coast to spend the evening with one of my old uni housemates, Chels, and the boy-next-door-come-husband, Matt (and the ever increasing fur baby collection!). Google Maps came to the rescue when Chelsea’s attempt at direction giving failed at the first roundabout. Haha.
Then it was off to Lennox Head where I dropped into Victoria’s house via a slight detour courtesy of me missing a turn off. But it was definitely worth it when I found this !!


Ahh midnorth coast how I love thee!

Tori whisked me away for a day trip to Byron Bay, where we climbed up to the lighthouse, went dolphin spotting, watched hang gliders and posed amongst the Japanese tourists whist standing at the most easterly point of the Australian mainland.

Then I saw this over the edge


and thought it would be a good idea to try and get down there. I should have been suspicious when Tori opted to stay at the top. Let’s just say I was sweating like a trooper and worked on my buns of steel with all of the steps on the way back up… but here is the evidence that I actually made it!! (Can you see me in the middle there?)
It kind of puts humans into perspective when we are put amongst the grand beauty in which we live. It makes me feel kind of insignificant.
It was a great day despite me being unfashionable and using my umbrella as a sun shade…and it constantly turning inside out courtesy of the sea breeze.

Next stop- the glorious Coffs Coast. I lived here 6 years ago and driving into Coffs Harbour made my heart skip a beat with glee. I loved this place, and it still felt like home as I got out to stretch my legs at the Jetty beach.

This was the destination where I was graciously hosted by Cathy, another old uni friend. Over the next few days we made a trip to the Belligen markets, spent an evening in the Botanic Gardens where we were entertained by a Jazz band and had a lunch date with my old Honours year supervisor. I had not seen Gail since my graduation in 2007. It was definitely a great blast from the past. We also managed to do a joint Skype call to Annette , so the trio was together once more… well, kind of.

A highlight though was my visit to another old stomping ground – Sawtell beach- which is a bit further south from Coffs. How wonderful it was to have SURF, SUN and SAND and actually be able to SWIM in it!! No nasty stingers in these here parts! I spent my time getting tossed around by the waves like a rag doll and I loved every minute of it. I longed to have a surf board of my own after I got a taste of how fun surfing is when I was in Hawaii a couple of years ago.

I checked off seafood and some more fruit from Australia’s “Big Things.” George was a bit overwhelmed at the size of his Banana. He is actually in this pic. Lol.


I was hoping to return back to Brisbane with my passport and visa in the mail after receiving email notification that it would be ‘dispatched shortly’ from the Manila Visa Processing Hub. Alas. It is still not here… and according to my Australia Post tracker, it’s not even in the country yet. Sigh. Come on already!!!

If anything, by the time I finally hit foreign lands I will be able to uphold the ‘bronzed Aussie’ look!

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Pounds of Cold Rolls

semi-overcast 25 °C

It is always so wonderful to catch up with Mel and Sarah. As we tucked into our dodgy self made Vietnamese cold rolls at place called Kim Thran in West End it was just like old times and a chance to catch up on good school yard gossip and the goings on in each others lives. I love that we can talk about anything as if no time had passed between visits. They are definitely keepers. :)

Mel is going to save me a seat during Oktoberfest in Germany come September in which we will slosh our head-sized pints of disgusting tasting ale together and make some more memories (or lose some!).

A quick stop over at Leonie and Kate’s in which Leonie’s awesome sister status jumped up a few points when she gave rise to the beginning of my relationship with the English Pound.

The purchase of track pants and thermals (as well as the unsolicited removal of Leonie’s warm, waterproof jacket!) were crossed off the shopping list before leaving the City.

My Platinum Australia Post tracker says my passport is back in the country!! Woo!

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UK Youth Mobility Visa


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Finally after what seemed like an eternity, my UK youth mobility visa arrived!!!

Let’s get this show on the road!

Flights booked – Arriving Heathrow in time for tea on Saturday 3rd March 2012. Thats.. only 8 sleeps! EEEEEP!!

Accommodation booked – Firstly in The Earls Court Hotel for a few days in my own room (with ensuite!) so I have a somewhat comfortable sleep and the ability to get over any jet lag. Then move on down the road for the rest of the week at Equity Point London Hostel staying in a 4 bed female dorm room. Now that will be an experience! Haha but it will provide me with a way to meet people and have someone to check out the sights with. Dodgy accomodation but hey, I am a simple person on a Backbacker budget.

Work training booked – I managed to send the 8 accumulated documents required to Kellie at ENA. The place that will be providing me with a means to replenish the bank account, and a place to sleep and eat for the following 3 months. A week’s training begins on 12 March, then hopefully I will have a client not long after that.

Travel Insurance purchased – I really am not planning on losing my luggage, getting sick, or breaking bones whilst skiing…but, you never know.

I’ve downloaded a trusty London Tube Map app onto my phone and have mapped out my way to each hotel. However daunting the Tube map is, it seems quite easy to navigate… at least in theory.

So now that everything is almost organised I shall remove myself from my 2day old nest and get packing.

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