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The conception

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Unless you are an only child, born to hermits in the remotest part of the country, or indeed live under a rock, you would be familiar with the decision making power of "rock -paper-scissors."

This is a game that is often used as a choosing method in a way similar to coin flipping, drawing straws, or throwing dice - A random selection that is quick and simple. A decision can be made in 3 seconds flat (..or 15 secs if you play best out of 3).

Imagine what life would be like if we all made decisions based on the rock-paper-scissors philosophy. There would be no need for lengthy board room meetings, no need to put up with the tiresome wait whilst requests go through multilayered management structures. There would be no need to agonise over trival (or complex) choices, like whether to have vegemite or jam on your toast in the morning or whether to buy the house you have been drooling over for months. It would be as simple as Rock beats Scissors, Scissors beats Paper and Paper beats Rock.

Imagine if life was that simple.


Things would get acted upon and alot more learning would occur because we would get out there and give something a go sooner rather than later. Yes there would be risk.. but if we fail? who cares, at least we have ruled out a way that didn't get us what we wanted. We would probably learn a whole lot more than if we had gotten what we wanted on the first attempt.

Rock-paper-scissors rules out the need to over think, it prevents 'paralysis by analysis,' and certainly fosters spontenaity - Three things that I need to develop.

However, unlike truly random selection methods, rock-paper-scissors can be played with a degree of skill, especially if the game extends over many sessions with the same players as it is often possible to recognize, and exploit, the non-random behaviour of an opponent. (Unless I add some reptiles and Vulcans into the mix)

I have been here for the last 5 years and my ability to predict others' behaviour and routine brings both comfort and familiarity... However, to uphold the randomness of decision making, time has come to jump out of my comfort zone - and find other people to become my opponents, to learn more, and overanalyse less.

Imagine what would happen if I adopted 'rock-paper-scissors' as a basis for majority of my decision making this year. What will I see? Who will I meet? What places will I find?

In February, I am embarking on a merry journey and landing in a foreign place half way across the globe... alone.

I have never done anything so frightening and exciting before.

So come with me on my adventure - learn and experience with me through the tears and the triumphs. View the world and culture through my lense if you dare.

I'm off exploring....

Imagine that.

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Word has most definatley spread at work with every second person stopping me in the hallway eager to hear about the progress of my travel plans and how many days I have to go (I secretly think they are counting down the days with me because they can't wait for me to leave!).

That's 13 working days for those of you playing at home.

I have mixed feelings.

I kind of wish that everything in my life wasn't going very well because then it would make it easier for me to leave! But it isn't bad. My life here is wonderful. Work is going well, I have made some great friendships in and out of work, my weekends are full of things to do, I can now run into someone I know whilst grocery shopping and have a yarn with them, and I come home every night and get asked "How was your day?." The beach is just around the corner and there are also mountain walks, waterfalls, and farms within easy reach.

A wise woman told me yesterday that it is great that I am leaving when things are going well because I can look back on Mackay with a fondness and be able to maintain friendships with those left behind instead of it leaving a bitter taste in my mouth... and she's right.

I got a phone call from one of my families yesterday saying that they were talking about me over dinner the previous night (because I am such a good topic of conversation! ha!) and they couldn't remember when I was leaving so they decided to ring just to thank me for my involvement over the last 5 years. Calls like that are icing on the cake for me. I must do something right once in a while.

Saying goodbye to those clients that I have worked with for a long time now will definately be hard. Same goes for my work colleagues, I don't think I will find such a fun and eclectic bunch who will put up with my annoying quirks. But of course, they will find someone to fill my seat and will easily soldier on without me.

Things at work should be on the wind down- completing plans, overdue reports and developing handover notes- but obviously, in the human services industry, people's lives stop for no one. I still have a to-do list the length of a toilet roll but slowly and surely things are gradually getting crossed off it. Also, somehow in the last few weeks I have seemingly gained the reputation of being the 'go-to' girl for any glitches with excel spreadsheets...drop down boxes are about the extent of my skills haha but I try to help out when I can.

As for extra curricular activities, I am busily organising removalists, biometric assessments for my visa and shopping for backpacks. The landlady started showing potential new tenants through my room as of yesterday... so everything is starting to feel real.

Sadness, happiness, nervousness, excitement, worry, stressed, relaxed, tired and buzzing.

I choose (j) - all of the above.

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Today I felt like a criminal.

I approached the big, scary, government building. Pushed the button for the 17th floor. It was quiet despite several other people being in the room - is speaking outlawed in this office too?

10am. My name was called through a plate of glass. I slowly pushed my paperwork through the opening as I approached the counter. I got spoken to through a microphone.

Don't say anything stupid.

My fingerprints scanned and digital photograph taken. Sign, stamp, stamp. done.

All over red rover - in 10 minutes flat.

It was kind of an anti climax really. I didn't even have any ink to wash off my fingers.


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Last day shenanigans

Bon Voyage DS.

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So it's official.

I am on holidays!!

The only reason I know this is because of the wonderful send off from my DS family. Wow. Lunch and thoughtfullness and drinks and hugs.

Of course I was ignored when I said no to speeches or presents... instead, I learnt that secret squirrel emailing had been occuring for some weeks prior and somehow they pulled it all together like this...

She's leaving Mackay for London
Kylie's going away for a while
She said that she's coming back soon though
When she's finished her overseas trial.

Our meetings won't be the same
who will jiggle and fidget and poke
and provide some needed diversions
from the diatribe of policy folk?

The spreadsheets will all be a mess now
we won't be able to fix a thing
and despite Kylie's detailed instructions
we won't know where to begin.

We'll miss her unique perspective
the way she challenges us to think
as well as her silly behaviour
when she's had way too much to drink!

Never one to shy from a challenge,
Kylie the go-to for behaviour to manage,
she's survived it all- punched, scratched and bitten,
yet STILL with this job she seemed to be smitten.

So how does one get through still wearing a smile?
Verandah therapy worked for a while,
Boxing her choice after skiing and netball
and a quad bike accident scars and all.

A term of endearmment the K.I.A.
We will miss that madness on tedious days,
and who will be there to enjoy the Hoey Moey?
Who needs a window, it's not even snowing!!

Kylie we know that you've given us warning,
that this time would come for you to leave
But please come back to us soon dear Kylie
it's what your favourite team needs to believe!

fiddle_toy.jpgIMG_1097.jpgIMG_1099.jpgIMG_1104.jpgIMG_1098.jpg IMG_1098.jpg IMG_1098.jpgIMG_1098.jpg

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Last week in Mackay

revolves around lunch and dinner dates :)

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Work access card and ID relinquished - check
More passport photos- check
Bank letters- check
Visa application currently being tracked by Premium post platinum or something high falootin’ like that- Check
International driver’s licence – Check
Removalist confirmed – Check
Australian Federal Police completed – check
Rental references – check
Mail redirected – check
Next week friend catch ups organized - check

Packing.. in progress

I guess there is no backing out now... :)

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